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Aug 20, 2004

Bay Area Dining Habits - Chronicle OpenTable Survey

San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle

Bay Area Dining Habits

Here are some results from a Chronicle and OpenTable survey of 1,320 Bay
Area diners. The survey was conducted online on August 4-5.

Frequency of Dining Out

* Compared to one year ago, how often are you now eating dinner at restaurants?

More often than one year ago 38%
The same 50%

Less often than one year ago 12%

* If you selected "more often," why is this? (Check all that apply):

There are exciting new restaurants 34%
I am being more social 28%
I have more money to spend 25%
I'm dining out more for business 15%
I'm tired of cooking/doing 14%

Restaurant Preference

* What's important to you when you select a restaurant?

Food 66%
Service 26%
Location 5%
Ambience 12%
Price 4%

Note: Figures do not add up to 100 percent because people could check more
than one answer.

* How has your eating changed in the last year? (Check all that apply.)

I am eating at more local spots in my neighborhood 58%
I am eating at small-plates restaurants more often 37%
I am eating at ethnic restaurants more often 35%
I am eating at more expensive restaurants 32%

I am consuming fewer carbs 25%
I am eating at cheaper restaurants 14%
I am choosing red meat entrees more often 13%
I am eating at more restaurants with lounges/DJs 6%

Cost of Restaurant Meals

* How much is your average dinner check per person at a restaurant, including
drinks, tax and tip?

Price per person
$15 or below 3%
$16-$30 29%
$31-$40 27%
$41-$50 22%
$51 or more 18%

* Would you be willing to spend $50 per person on dinner, including drinks,
tax and tip?

Yes 97%
No 3%

* Compared to a year ago, are you now spending more or less when you go out
for dinner?


Same 47%
More 44%
Less 9%